July 5th, 2016

6 Wedding Beauty Tips-62

For all you brides out there that think you’re gong to get a case of the jitters, forget about it, you’ll be practically super human on your wedding day. Partly because of adrenaline, a little bit of champagne fuel but mostly because of the beauty routine that you go through.

With all the hair, makeup and beauty products and treatments that you undertake, the wedding prep is very much about building the bride. Here come the bionic bride.

Okay, maybe not bionic but you’ll certainly have a bit of help creating the perfectly crafted woman. From the wedding dress to the makeup, your body will be contorted and your appearance will be altered, in a good way. Here are six tips to make you look beautiful.



Eyelashes can add that touch of sexy to the wedding makeup, hell yeah. A bit of mascara can work wonders and fake eyelashes taking that sexiness up a level.

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You’ve got to fake it to make it so why not give yourself that healthy sun kissed glow and go down the fake tan route. If you’re a self tanning master then do it at home but for this special occasion Off To Wed recommends opting for a spray or airbrush tan to make sure that it’s done properly (evenly).



You want to look more Hollywood A-lister than Nanny McPhee so keep your teeth in check. One of the easiest ways to give your teeth a makeover is with a little whitening. You’re going to be doing a lot of smiling the on your wedding day so feel comfortable flashing your pearly whites.




Rather than taking the Audrey Hepburn’s Breakfast at Tiffany’s look with a long pair of gloves, look after your nails. Hopefully you’re not a biter, if so stop that right now. If you’ve got short nails then you need to start growing them and book yourself in for a pre-wedding French manicure please.


5.  HAIR

The (hair) piece de resistance you’ll be going for hair trials and looking up styles but make sure you’re looking after your hair throughout the engagement. Your hairstylist will do a great job sculpting your barnet but it’s always a plus to have healthy looking hair

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Just like your hair you want to have healthy looking skin underneath the wedding makeup so make sure that your following a strict skincare routine as part of your wedding planning and preparations.

6 Wedding Beauty Tips


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