March 10th, 2015

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The bridal preparation on the morning before you get married is a really exciting part of your wedding. Here are a few tips to hep ensure that excitement turns into satisfaction, as your makeup stays perfect until you go to bed as a married woman.



Your wedding is a carefully orchestrated, well-branded event, with flowers, cakes and outfits co-ordinated to perfection. Make sure that your makeup artist understands the style of your wedding and what you’re trying to achieve. If you’ve picked a vintage wedding theme, an understated dress and muted colours, strong smoky wedding makeup won’t fit in. Always make the most of your bridal trial and take along some pictures, pins and ideas to share with your makeup artist to help explain the look you’re trying to achieve.




Although you have a wedding theme that you want to stick to, remember to keep it close to your own personal style. You want to feel relaxed on your wedding day and a way to achieve that is by feeling as comfortable as possible. Make sure that you feel like yourself on your wedding day and that includes your makeup.




Primer will help with a couple of really important things; longer lasting makeup and it will make your skin look amazing. Helping to keep your makeup looking perfect for longer is a must on your wedding day and every bride wants to look perfect. A primer will smooth over any wrinkles and open pours.

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Like primer, powder is really important on your wedding day to help create a stunning look that will impress your groom, guests and look good in the photos. The trick is to take it easy – too much will leave your skin looking dry and your makeup cakey. Less is more!




Sticking with the wedding photography theme, you might want to give sparkly products a second thought. A little glitz and sparkle looks great to the human eye but it can do strange things with flash photography.




If done well you shouldn’t need to do too much touching up throughout the day but there might be a few things that require little attention. Your lips are going to be getting a good workout – you’ll find yourself kissing a lot of cheeks on your wedding day so have some lipstick and gloss to hand. Tissue and cotton buds are another useful addition to your wedding makeup survival kit. You might need them for some attention around the eyes if a stray tear gets shed.

I recommend that you speak to your makeup artist before the wedding day to see if there is anything that she, or he, would recommend having as backup. They might advise you to bring things like blusher or eyeliner to make the transition from wedding day to bride of the ‘night do’. There’

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Finally, do plenty of research to have an idea about what you like so that you can share your inspirations with the makeup artist. Blogs, real weddings, magazines and movies will all provide great inspiration, and remember, you don’t have to stick to brides for makeup ideas, just look for good makeup.

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