May 31st, 2016

Choosing a wedding venue

These eight tips will help you choose the perfect wedding venue. Not just the most romantic setting but we’re giving you the practical advice that can sometime be forgotten in the excitement of the moment.



Of course you’re going to think about the space that’s why you have a viewing! But sometimes the heart outranks the head and you get carried away with the wood panelling, marble staircase or expansive gardens.

Enjoy yourself and get a little carried away but remember to think about how the venue will accommodate all of the guests. Will the wedding breakfast be held in one room or will you be splitting the party between adjoining rooms, meaning that your guests will have stand and crowd into the main room to witness the speeches.



Intimate lighting is great but don’t want to be hidden away from natural light during your wedding. The more natural light that you have available the better the wedding photographs will look. Big windows, allowing light to fall into the rooms naturally will make the photographs look much more interesting than those that require flash photography. Besides, there will be plenty of time for mood lighting as night falls and the party really gets going.



You might need to use your imagination. Just because the wedding venue looks great on and June summer day, it might not have the same charm for a winter wedding. And the reverse is also true. If viewing a venue in November you might need to look past the bare trees and brown bushes.



You want your guests to have a good time, which is why you hire a band or a wedding DJ, just make sure the venue can handle them. Grand old buildings with high ceilings look great on the eye but they’re not always so kind to the ear. Sometimes the music can sound distant in a large room, loosing that party vibe. Ask the wedding co-ordinator which wedding bands have played at the venue so that you can get in touch and ask what they thought about the acoustics.

Oh, and don’t forget to ask about the music license, what time can you dance until? Some venues will have restrictions placed on them by the neighbours.



Are there too many rooms or too few. One problem is not having enough rooms for the guests that want to stay the night. In this situation you will need to research other hotels and guest houses in the area.

Alternatively, check that there isn’t a penalty charge if you don’t fill all of the rooms on the wedding night. Some wedding venues will apply conditions that you must fill all of the rooms to receive their preferential rate.



When hiring a wedding venue you want to have exclusive use but this isn’t always possible or affordable with some of the larger venues. If this is the case then ask about the privacy of your wedding. Even if the hotel has other guests you want to retain the privacy of your occasion. Check with the wedding co-ordinator to find out what plans they have to maintain a level of seclusion.



Boring! Yes, it’s boring but you want to make life easy for your guests so make sure there is plenty of parking. It’s not the end of the world if there isn’t adequate parking but you might need to think about arrange a mini bus or encourage lift shares.



Don’t just rely on the photos in the wedding venue brochure, search for real wedding blogs that have featured the venue, or photographers that have shoot there and see what the weddings looked like in their pictures.

Jemma & Adam-579