May 7th, 2014



A woman never leaves home without her handbag, at least that’s what they say. Well, ‘they’ weren’t talking about the bride on her wedding day. If there’s one day when a lady leaves the house without a handbag then the wedding day is it.

With the bag out of the equation it means there’s a greater focus on all the other accessories. Jewellery, shoes and the bouquet all play their part in accessorising the bride, and not just the bride. A wedding is a great opportunity for everybody to get involved. Bridesmaids, mother-of-the-bride, the groom’s mother, everybody is at it. And with such a special occasion there isn’t any reason to hold back – find something fabulous.


You could play it safe but why not opt for something different, be daring and pick something that excites you. There isn’t anything wrong with taking a traditional approach but when you start looking for something more unique you’ll be impressed with what’s on offer. Take Vintage Button Bridal Designs for example, you’ll find a range of handmade vintage inspired jewellery, accessories and bouquets. Everything is made with care and precision, the materials are carefully selected, including vintage lace, pearls and silk, amongst other things. Materials aren’t just picked willy-nilly, they’re picked with great care, sometimes restoring and reusing vintage necklace clasps, at other times creating something unique. Designer Clare Lloyd’s background is in silver jewellery making and her silver is hall marked and stamped with her very own makers mark.

Who needs a bag when they can accessorise with this lovely lot.


Images by Kirsten Fowle