September 19th, 2014


What a setting for a wedding. With a view of rolling green hills, accessorised by treelines and sheep dotted across the landscape you’ll have a romantic environment to get married, in the great outdoors.

Looking out onto the bright blue skies you’ll forget about the need to compliment your venue with a signature colour as the sky will do the work for you. The blues will turn into oranges and purples as dusk arrives with the perfect wedding day gift – an absolutely amazing sunset.

The place I’m describing isn’t the work of my imagination, it does exist and it exists in the UK. 10 miles from both the world heritage city of Bath and the more urban city of Bristol is The Folly Farm Centre. An oasis within reach of civilisation, although you’ll forget how close you are to a city on arrival. At Folly Farm, the world outside will become a distant memory as this tranquil setting allows you to focus on your wedding day.

In contrast to other wedding venues, such as hotels whose staff can become exhausted by the volume of wedding traffic through their doors, or stately homes that are hung up on past glories and previous owners, this country hideout will feel like your very own special place on your big day. And it’s not just a day, you’ll have a whole weekend of it. With Folly Farm you get to stay there for the whole weekend with exclusive use. Unlike some other wedding venues you won’t feel like you’re on a wedding conveyor belt, bumping into the bride and groom from the previous day.

And what a place to make a weekend of it, with rooms on site and the option to camp you’ll be accompanied by pigs from the onsite mini-farm, owls and woodpeckers – that’s just the start of it, this place really does have its green credentials in order. The 250-acre nature reserve managed by the Avon Wildlife Trust is home to wildflower meadows, ancient woodlands and natural grassland. The centre is managed to develop biodiversity.

With such a beautiful backdrop you still have a blank canvas to create an individual wedding.

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 Photographs by Betty Bhandari