September 28th, 2015

Vintage Wedding Bus-MAIN

You wait all day for some wedding inspiration and ideas, then loads come along at once. So let us inspire you into hiring a vintage wedding bus.

Wedding transport isn’t just about cars, you might remember Off To Wed test driving a vintage speed boat as an alternative form of wedding transport. Of course there’s more chance of travelling across the water to your wedding in Devon and Cornwall than there is in somewhere like Coventry or Reading but there are a lot of alternative wedding vehicles on land.

If it’s alternative wedding wheels that you’re looking for then a bus might fit the bill. The reason for opting for a bus over a wedding car is typically a practical solution and the ‘vintage’ bus adds that little bit of ‘cool’ to make it appropriate for your (soon to be) stunning wedding. Rather than asking your guests to find two venues, the church and reception, you can direct them to towards the reception and transport them in your pretty vintage bus. Churches usually have limited parking so this is a very very practical option but going beyond practicalities, having all of your guests on a bus from the church to the reception is a great way to get the party vibe started immediately after the wedding.

Vintage Wedding Bus-347

The only consideration that you need to make is getting yourself to the church. By conforming to the tradition that the bride and groom shouldn’t see each other the night before the wedding you’ll either need to take a deck each, bride upstairs groom below. Or, you could make the journey to the church in a car with your father and jump on to the bus after the ceremony.

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  • Photographs taken by Paul Tschornow – www.tschornowphotography.com
  • Green bus by – Bristol Vintage bus Group – www.bvbg.corg