June 9th, 2015

Floral Crown
Summer seems to be sticking around in the UK and with it comes a change of mood. We’re back in the land of the festival wedding vibe and with that comes an affection for floaty dresses, bare feet and floral crowns – things do seem to get a bit 1960’s when the sun comes out.

Okay so maybe a barefoot wedding isn’t going to happen but a crown of flowers, floral headbands and pretty little flower wreaths might. And if you’re having an outdoor wedding then why not, there will be a natural earthy feel to the wedding that will lend itself to this type of headdress.

If you are thinking about wearing flowers in your hair you need to think about the setting, if you’re getting married at St Pauls Cathedral then a floral crown might look a little out of place but if you’re getting hitched somewhere much more relaxed and you want to embrace the bohemian spirit inside then this is the style for you. Again, outdoor weddings are perfect for the free spirited bride that wants to adorn her hair with natural beauty.

So what are the dos and don’ts for wearing flowers in your hair, lets find out shall we.


  • Don’t go over do it. If you’re wearing a crown of flowers you want to look natural and possibly free spirited so don’t wear too many. There’s a risk of looking like a cruise ship cabaret act, so try not to go overboard and keep it simple.
  • Do follow the seasons. By choosing flowers that are in season, this will give you a more natural look, and although a headpiece is a statement item you still want exercise some subtlety.
  • Don’t worry about symmetry. You want your floral wreath or headband to look natural so don’t worry too much about being symmetrical – this can sometimes look like you’ve tried too hard.
  • Do think about proportion. Generally, small flowers are the most effective, however if you’re planning to have just one or two flowers in your hair then you can opt for something a little larger. Before you do think about super sizing, consider your your features. If you’ve got delicate features and a smallish head then that sunflower might be too much.
  • Don’t be scarred. You probably don’t wear flowers in your hair very often but don’t let that put you off, the wedding dress isn’t exactly an everyday outfit either. Have fun and enjoy the look.
  • Do ask for help. Speak to both your florist and your hairdresser when planning what to wear in your hair. The florist will obviously help pick outa beautiful arrangement. Your hairdresser will need to fix your wedding crown in place so give him or her time to consider the best way to affix it.
  • Don’t worry about the bees! You’re not going to become a walking bees nest or hay fever on legs, after all, brides have been carrying bouquets for as long as I can remember and I’ve never witnessed any bee related wedding incidents.

Bridal Wreath

Photo credits: Nicole Mason & Ailey Torres