February 6th, 2015

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When it comes to rings the engagement ring tends to steal the show. The diamond knowledge acquired when choosing the traditional engagement ring is incredible. However, when planning your wedding the engagement ring’s buddy, the wedding ring is often towards prioritised at the bottom of the list.

Crazy, right? Being married is a definite upgrade from an engagement, yet when it comes to rings, engagement trumps wedding. It makes sense that a bride doesn’t want to go over-bling with her rings and tings, and the role of the wedding ring is to act as a subtle companion. However, you’re going to be wearing it for the rest of your life so take some time to choose the perfect ring for you.

There are so many bands to choose from that you’ll want to start narrowing you choices. The choice of metal is an easy decision to make – you will probably want to match the material to the engagement ring. But don’t get too hung up on matching the two rings exactly. Once you’ve opted for the same metal, it isn’t crucial to opt for a ring that’s a perfect match to the existing ring, after all the wedding band should have an identity of its own, especially as this beautiful piece of jewellery will symbolise your marriage.

With so many decisions to be made, you should give yourself plenty of time before the wedding to make the important choices about your ring. And use the jeweller’s insight to help you make the right decision.

When choosing a jeweller, it’s always a much more enjoyable experience to take yourself away from the high street jewellers and visit an independent. Clifton Rocks is the perfect example of an independent jeweller that doesn’t simply sell rings – they make rings. This means that you get the chance to speak to the designer who can help guide you through the decision making or event creating something to match the stunning engagement ring that you love so much.

What also makes life easier is finding somewhere like Clifton Rocks that can even provide you with the groom’s ring, bridesmaid’s gifts and other pieces made to capture the mood and style of your wedding day.

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