November 24th, 2016



A lot of our recent posts have been looking at bridal wear but we thought it was about time you had some advice about wedding make up. We recommend hiring a professional but here are a few things for you to think about so that you can discuss them with any potential makeup artists or for you to use as a guide if you DIY your wedding slap.




Let’s start at the beginning, with a good quality primer. Rather than jumping straight in to the foundation a good primer will help the foundation on and will deal with open pours, lines and redness.



Foundation & Concealer

Foundation is one of the reason you should think about using a processual makeup artist or get some advice on finding the right product for you, matching your skin tone and using the right formula, powder, gel liquid.

Once the foundation is in place it’s time for concealer – not before! Once the foundation has provided an overall coverage, concealer will be used in areas that need a little more support. If you apply concealer it’ll probably get a little mucked up when you apply foundation.




Eyebrows will need to be started at a few days before your wedding! To avoid causing the redness caused by plucking them make sure that you have them shaped three or four days before your wedding, not on the actual day. On the morning of the wedding shape the eyebrows with a pencil or powder and create a groomed brow that will frame the eye. The trick however is to create a softly groomed look that doesn’t seem drawn on.



The Eyes

Leave the mascara until last to avoid getting into a mess. Start with shadow to build intensity and move on to liner. Oh and don’t be a hero, waterproof formulas are a winner ladies.




There are two approaches to take with the lips and one rule. The rule is that you should wear something to complete the look. The choices are to go with either a statement colour for maximum impact. Alternatively you could go for something much simpler that won’t grab the headlines but completes the overall look.



Blush & bronze

By applying blusher last, you’ll be able to see how much colour you’ll need so that you don’t apply too much. You’ll also want to choose a shade close to your natural flesh tones. Think about the colour you usually go when you blush for real.

If you’re opting to go for a bronzer you’ll want to apply over the foundation and not on top of the blush. how-to-apply-wedding-makeup-2234