July 23rd, 2014

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Honeymoon to Barbados, you might as well call it a ‘moneymoon’ coz you’re going to spend big when you’re there. Off To Wed visited the Caribbean island to see what it’s all about and decide whether its worth the money.

Okay, so there’s no doubt about it, if you go on holiday to Barbados you’re opting for a ‘typical’, ‘classic’, ‘standard’ honeymoon destination but that isn’t a negative thing. There’s a reason why Barbados is a tourist trap, because it’s a bloody good holiday. There are some things to do and see while you’re there, if you can peel yourself off the beach that is.

The reason why people travel to Barbados is because the weather is hot, the beaches are both clean and beautiful and the ocean is warm with still waters so make the most of that. If you want a real cultural experience then you should probably go somewhere else, although there is the Friday fish fry in Oistins but that’s more of a party ting than a culturally enriching experience.

We like our holidays like our chicken, hot, hot, hot and that’s exactly what you get on this Island. Some people will tell you that the weather averages a solid 30 degrees throughout the year but there are definitely changes in the climate. We were there in April, a transition period from the dry into the ‘wet’ season and we had temperatures averaging 34 degrees, which is great if you’ve got a sun lounger in the shade. No matter how much of a tan you want, you will want to jump under an umbrella every now and then.

December to April is the most popular time of year as it is cooler with calmer weather. May to November is a little hotter with more rainfall. It’s also the time when you are most likely to experience storms, with August to October representing the most likely time to run into more turbulent weather.

When looking for hotels, think about what you want from your Honeymoon. There are three coasts, we recommend staying on either the West or the South Coast. The later is probably a more vibrant part of the island where you’re likely to find ‘the real’ Barbados but the West offers your classic relaxing on a beach vibe with better sand and calmer waters.

We stayed on the West Coast where there are a multitude of fancy hotels including a selection from the Elegant Hotels Group who have a range from a ‘nice’ all inclusive option before up scaling to the bed and breakfast offering of the Tamarind Hotel with it’s free water sports before you find their more exclusive destinations such as The House, every inch of which is cool.


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There are a number of other great hotels such as Treasure Beach, Coral Reef Club and the exclusive Sandy Lane. The restaurants are also fantastic in this area although you will need to catch a taxi to reach them as everything is fairly spread out. Have a look at our top 5 eateries.


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If you fancy some time away from the beach, there are a whole load of trips that you can do. Check out the plantations, taste raw sugar and hear about the bad old days of the slave trade but, make sure you ask yourself first, do you want to spend a hot day traipsing around a load of tourist sites surrounded by strangers wearing socks and sandals with their backpacks tightly fastened to their chests. Forget about it – crack out your iPad and read all about it on Wikipedia as you lie in the sun with a cocktail in hand, yeah.


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If you want a bit of culture then check out how the Bajans do it and head on down to Oistins to check out the Friday night fish fry. Barbecued fish or chicken, local beers and rum punch will fuel your night of live music, dancing and fun. You can travel to the Oistins on the South Coast by taxi, or, if you’re adventurous, jump on a yellow bus and have a wild ride, that’s a very wild ride.


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Alternatively the South Coast has a lovely boutique hotel called the The Little Arches boasting a terrace restaurant where you’ll experience the most fabulous sunsets.

So, if you’re looking for a relaxing honeymoon, oozing luxury, with your new bride or groom then Barbados is definitely worth the money. Whatever you decide make sure you give it some careful consideration amongst the wedding planning and wedmin that has to be done and if you do go to the Caribbean, don’t forget your credit cards.


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Photographs by Tschornow Photography