February 2nd, 2015

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You’ve chosen the date, you’ve booked the venue, you’ve picked your dress and you’ve researched your makeup artist, and now it’s time for your trial.

With all eyes on you for the big day, it’s not surprising that you probably feel slightly nervous so looking and feeling your best is crucial, and your makeup trial is time to ensure you will do exactly that.

I have put together a few hints and tips that will ensure you make the most out of your makeup trial so you can make sure you look amazing, feel confident and have fun in an all important part of your wedding day preparations.

As a bride you may already know exactly how you want your makeup and hair, or like many others you may have less of an idea and feel quite overwhelmed by it all! If you have a good idea of your desired look collect images, photos and show your makeup artist. As a makeup artist I like working with direction as a place to start, if I feel your look is totally unsuited I will tell you, but at least we have a starting point and an idea of how you want to look.

Share details of your wedding dress, colour scheme, theme and accessories, this will help your makeup artist create a look that will fit in with the wedding, and these details can be especially important if you need help with ideas for makeup and hairstyles. As a makeup artist I feel it is important to provide advice and opinion, but it’s always important to listen to the bride and take on board what she wants, so don’t hold back – share the looks you like and also the ones you don’t, as this will all help to achieve your perfect makeup.

Also share details of your everyday makeup looks and signature styles. For example I wear liquid eyeliner on my eyelid EVERYDAY and would not be seen dead on my wedding day without if. If you have a similar trait, tell your makeup artist as you need to feel like YOU on your wedding day.

Bridal Makeup Trial applying makeup

If you are having the makeup trial at your home, there are a few small details that will help the makeup artist and make a huge difference. First of all most makeup artists will have A LOT of products, brushes, tools etc… so having a nice clear space to set up will be very helpful. It will help with the time taken as well. Any kind of work surface will help, be it a table or a kitchen worktop so products can be laid out neatly and clearly and are easily accessible.

Secondly I cannot stress how important it is to work in a light space – preferable natural light this means always booking your trial in daylight hours and in winter the earlier the better. Firstly the makeup artist needs to see what they are doing, if good natural light is not available the room will need to be well lit. Makeup can look COMPLETELY different when moving from bad light to good light, so please keep this in mind.

Finally as well as you needing to be comfortable as you will be sat down for a few hours, the makeup artist will need you to be sat at the right height. If they do not bring their own chair, if possible try and have a chair that is not too low, this can really make a difference to the makeup. The makeup artist will also need space around the chair to move around you and access all areas of your face easily.

Many brides decide to have a second opinion at the trial and I think this is a good idea. It’s up to you who you choose to have there, it could be a friend, bridesmaid or you mum if you choose. Someone who sees you often and who can be completely honest will help, but they also need to keep in mind the look that you want to achieve.

When the time comes for you to finally look at the results of your trial, remember to be honest – if you don’t like it, if there are things you want to change, now is the time to speak up. Remember this is the trial and the time to get it right before the big day. This may sound obvious but many brides will be too polite and won’t say exactly what they think. As a makeup artist I never get offended and take complete pride in client satisfaction no matter how long it takes to get there. I can usually tell when a bride is truly happy with the results when they look in the mirror, so you may as well be honest and get it right while you have the time.

Bridal Makeup Trial Bonnie

Other things to keep in mind on your bridal makeup trial:

If you are planning on having a spray tan, facial, eyebrow threading or any other beauty preparation before the wedding day, also have these treatments before the trial, this will help with things like matching foundation and using the right products on the skin etc. and means these things will not need to change on the day.

Wear a colour similar to your wedding dress, if you are wearing a white wedding dress for example, wear a white top. This will help show an accurate representation of what the makeup will look like against the colour of the wedding dress, as some colours will slightly alter the way makeup can look.

As I’ve mentioned, conduct the makeup trial in daylight. Lots of wedding photos will most likely be taken in natural daylight, so you need know what your makeup looks like during the day. It is also the best condition to match foundation colours.

Take photos inside with artificial lights and outside in natural daylight. Makeup can look different in photographs and essentially wedding makeup is created for the photographs you will have for the rest of your life. You may find that some makeup does not show up as much in photos and you need to go brighter with a lip colour or slightly bolder with eye makeup.

Use the trial as take the opportunity to discuss the final arrangements for the wedding day – timings, where to be, other members of the bridal party.

Finally, enjoy it! This is your chance to make sure you look great and feel confident. Bridal makeup is about making you look like the best version of yourself, with makeup that lasts all day. You want to make sure your photos remain classic, elegant and timeless but you also want to stand out, so use this time to get it right.


A huge thanks to Rachel Lawson from Pout Makeup and Hair for writing this post. Rachel is a fully qualified Makeup Artist specialising in bridal and special occasion makeup and hair covering Essex, London, Hertfordshire and surrounding areas.

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