June 11th, 2015


At least the bride has a right to turn into a raving lunatic on the build-up to the wedding, what’s the bridesmaid’s excuse? So I’m not saying that it’s okay for the bride to be filled with attitude come the wedding day, what I am saying is that at no point in the history of from now until forever is it okay for the bridesmaids to start throwing their toys out of the pram.

A wedding is one of the most fun packed days you can have as a guest. Of course it’s awesome for the couple getting married but it’s a great day for everybody, however, to achieve this you need to have harmony. This is both during and before the wedding so you need to make sure that you spot and neutralise a potential coup as early as possible.

When choosing your bridesmaids think very carefully about their personalities, if you’ve got a diva in the making then don’t promote her to head bridesmaid and task the other bridesmaids with keeping her in check.


It sounds terrible but you do sometimes need a bit of feedback about your bridesmaids because if you’ve got a bridesmaidzilla, she cause allsorts of tension when left to her own devices. The hen party is the perfect example of this. The disorganised demanding bridesmaid that expects everyone to jump to her beat will cause an atmosphere between some of the girls so make sure that the planning responsibilities are shared.

If you do have a bridesmaid that gets a bit emotional after a few drinks then task somebody else with keeping her away from the gin come the wedding day. When the day arrives you might also need somebody to remind her that you’re the centre of attention. You might need to find a way to drop a subtle hint – maybe leave this blog post open for her to read.

Remember if you do have a bridezilla most of her stresses will be caused by her wanting to do the best for you, she’s a nightmare because she cares. At least now you know that the bridezilla isn’t alone – hell, it’s not just the bridesmaids either, its grooms, mothers of the bride and mother in laws too but lets leave that for now.