September 12th, 2016


Don’t let Bruno Mars ruin your wedding. Trust me, he might.

The guy isn’t my cup of tea to start with but I appreciate that there’s a huge fan base out there that would disagree so who am I to argue! On that basis, let’s just say that he’s a talented artist and there’s actually no question about the fact he cracks out hit after hit. So surely he doesn’t have the time or motivation to ruin your wedding.


Correct he doesn’t have the time but there’s an army of 2-bit videographers who use his song as the soundtrack to all of their wedding videos. You play your video back to hear it accompanied by ‘yes I’m gonna marry you’. You watch your friends video, ‘yes I’m gonna marry you’, your sister, cousin even that girl from the office that you hate, all of their videos are played out to the same soundtrack. You though your wedding was original and all of a sudden it’s not. The shine has faded and every time you hear that song by Bruno Mars you’re reminded how unoriginal your wedding video is.


So you see there is a very real danger that Bruno Mars is going to ruin your wedding. There are a whole heap of practical questions that you can ask a videographer before booking – how much do you charge, how long does it take to edit my film, blah blah blah – but here are the three starter questions to make sure that you even like your videographers style.


  1. Do you use backing music and if so can I choose it?
  2. Do you have a particular style that you employ such as, vintage super 8, cinematic, high definition?
  3. How long will the wedding film be and do you make a short version?


I’m sure you’ll meet a videographer that you like but to get you started here are a couple that are loved by Off To Wed, Chestnut Productions and Philip White. Love them.