November 3rd, 2016

Lets swoon over these beautiful bridal gowns together shall we. The four seasons collection is quite obviously a collection of gowns based on… yep, the four seasons.

This Claire Pettibone collection is typically romantic with a stylish bohemian feel, chic vintage if you know what I mean. Have a look at the collection for yourself, I’m sure you’ll be excited by what you’re about to see.


maia-gown april-gown persephone-gown primavera-gown athena-gown theia-gown solstice-gown amber-gown maple-gown chrysanthemum-gown zodiac-gown celeste-gown reverie-gown noel-gown snow-gown nightingale-gown

Claire Pettibone The Four Seasons Preview from Claire Pettibone on Vimeo.


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