July 2nd, 2014

Clare & Giles-458

Check this out…

This wedding looks incredible – an Off To Wed ‘Real Wedding‘ staring the fabulous looking Clare and Giles shot by the equally fabulous photographer Brett Symes.

One quick point to make before you tuck into this delicious wedding album, put these images into context – they’re a collection of reportage style wedding photographs. Brett captures the day in it’s entirety (you’ll have to speak to Brett if you want to see the rest). Clare and Giles look stunning throughout the day and have fun up until the end, especially when they expose their talents on the instruments, I can’t help being reminded of the end of ‘the Foo Fighters’ Everlong video where the charters (the band) throw away their costumes and jump on their instruments.

What Brett brings to the wedding party is a beautifully crafted selection of images. For any of you that were thinking of asking a friend or family member to take your wedding pictures, look at these and think again. For all you uncles, granddads and cousins that think you can do the job of a wedding photographer, don’t look now.

Clare & Giles-006 Clare & Giles-026 Clare & Giles-040 Clare & Giles-054 Clare & Giles-060 Clare & Giles-073 Clare & Giles-074 Clare & Giles-098 Clare & Giles-099 Clare & Giles-165 Clare & Giles-207 Clare & Giles-401 Clare & Giles-474 Clare & Giles-326 Clare & Giles-561 Clare & Giles-569 Clare & Giles-599 Clare & Giles-603 Clare & Giles-615 Clare & Giles-629 Clare & Giles-653 Clare & Giles-666 Clare & Giles-636

Images by Brett Symes