January 10th, 2015

Halifax Wedding Photography_Miriam&Brad-57

How do you make sure the groom looks his best on the wedding day? Like the bride, it’s all in the preparation.


There was a time when the groom would have been clean-shaven but times they are a changin’, stubble and beards are much more acceptable. Moustaches are a bit more borderline but if the groom usually sports a tash then keep it for the wedding. However, be warned there might be a few disapproving guests from the upper age range taking issue with the hairy upper lip.


When it comes to your wedding you should try and do what’s right for you as the bride and groom, choosing the things that you want, wearing what you like and shaving or not shaving as you fancy. So the groom should sport facial hair if that’s his natural style.


Having said that, beards have apparently peaked, reaching fashion saturation at the point when they became the hipster ‘must have’ look. So as an alternative to a furry face, a clean shave is the only choice. But rather than reaching for the Remington think about opting for a wet shave, and when I say wet shave I don’t mean multi razor technology of a safety razor. That’s right I’m the talking cut-throat tradition of the barber shop. Not only is it an excellent way to give the groom a treat on the morning of his wedding, it’s also an amazing addition to the wedding album.


As you can see from these cool images taken at the ridiculously popular Sailor Bup’s Barbershop by Canadian based wedding photographers Topher & Rae Studios, the traditional wet shave looks great in the wedding photographs. These fantastic shots capture the tradition of the barbershop shave, the hot towels, foam and straight razor.


These impressive images add a real sense of gentrification to the wedding preparation. Remember when selecting a barber you should try and find one that reflects the art of this old tradition, a tradition that perfectly lends itself to the tradition of getting married.


Photographs by Topher & Rae Studios

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