March 24th, 2016

DIY Flowers-0942

As the wedding costs start to mount, you might start looking for ways to cut back on some professional services in an effort to save money and some of those things might well be the wedding flowers.

Before taking this DIY route you should give it some careful consideration instead of jumping in with both feet. A floral designer isn’t a big corporate entity concerned only with their bottom line and they’re almost certainly not trying to con you. Most florists chose their vocation for the love of it, and the creativity it affords them – that’s the first thing you should consider. You might be very creative but you probably don’t create bouquets everyday. To ensure you know what does and doesn’t look good, you’re going to need to get some practice between now and the wedding day but be careful not to over practice, the cost will start racking up before you know it.

DIY Flowers-0928

Another thing to consider is the amount of time it will take to create the bouquets, buttonholes, table flowers and other flora that you want to decorate your wedding day. A simple solution is to enlist friends that will be happy fetching and arranging the flowers. The bridal party are going to be busy enough getting ready and pouring champagne on the morning of the wedding so forget about using them. There will probably be other friends that are so thrilled to be part of the wedding that they’ll be glad to do it.

Rather than rambling on all day considering the pros and cons we wanted to see how easy it is to create DIY a wedding bouquet so Off To Wed decided to try it for ourselves.

A trip to the local florist, some head scratching and a big old pair of scissors later we were more qualified to spout our opinions. The results definitely weren’t the same as a professional job and they were held together with string but this added a certain charm to our efforts. The difference was that we only had to create one wedding bouquet and we didn’t have any particular time pressure but we managed it, it took three of us to do it but we managed it.

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