June 24th, 2015

Jemma & Adam-39

When it comes to planning your wedding the dress is the main thing right? The venue and the photographer are also pretty big factors but the dress is where it’s at. Whatever style, shape or size, the dress is one of the most hotly anticipated parts of the wedding day. Sure, other things are important too, you’re going to spend a lot of time and money making sure that your flowers are perfect but are you’re not going to ban your future husband from seeing the bouquet or knowing it contains peonies. Whereas the dress is hidden from view ready to surprise everyone with your beauty as you walk down the aisle.

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So why the hell are brides getting changed from their wedding dresses for the evening entertainment? Seriously, it’s happening. I was at a wedding last weekend and saw this with my own eyes. Once the cake had been cut and the first dance had been danced the bride went upstairs to ditch her gown. She did look lovely in her little party dress but, say whaaaat, why, how and who’s idea was that. At previous weddings I’ve noticed that some ushers, the and the bride and grooms’ fathers getting changed from their suits into jeans and a shirt but never before have I seen a bride de-robe, as it were.

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I spoke to my parents about all this and they explained that people used to change out of their wedding clothes. They’d strip out of their bridal clobber into something more relaxed and dance the night away. People used to eat cheese and pineapple and sausages on sticks at their wedding and I for one don’t want to go back there (unless it’s in an ironic way – pineapple and grilled halloumi maybe!). I want to see the men dancing in their suits, top buttons undone, ties loose or bow ties dangling around their necks. I want to see the bridesmaids looking like a team of gorgeous wedding day assistants and I definitely, definitely, definitely want to see the bride looking splendid in her wedding gown. And if you won’t do it for me do it for the evening guests who want to get an eyeful of you looking stunning in your bridal attire.

Remember that there’s only one chance to wear a wedding dress so wear the hell out of it.