June 8th, 2014

Lizzie & Paul-319

If there’s one thing that you can do yourself, it has to be the stationery and invitations, right? Wrong. Like most things, you could do it yourself but it isn’t as easy as you might expect. It might not be as cheap as you expected either. So before you commit to making your own invites, read Paul and Lizzie’s DIY experience.

Lizzie and Paul know their way around Photshop so they thought that they’d create their own invites to ensure something completely original and save some dollar in the process. So, by employing their desktop publishing skills the unique invitations didn’t involve scissors, sticky back plastic or tubs of glitter. Toilet rolls, washing liquid bottles and blue peter badges were nowhere to be seen.

Instead this design loving couple used their graphic design skills to choose their own fonts, paper stock and imagery. The finished project looked great, with six sides of design folding down into a neat little square. The design was even personalised to include the guest’s name on the front of each invitation. And, there was a perforated edge to create a postcard for the guests to easily RSVP.

In contrast to handcrafted DIY invitations, Lizzie and Paul’s invites weren’t as messy but they were certainly just as time consuming. Yet they were equally rewarding. Collecting the invitations from the printers was an exciting moment and the joy of seeing their hard work was a proud moment.



When creating your own invitations, it’s easy to miss important details such as the date or location so here’s our list of seven things to include in your invitations;

  1. Your names. Typically the invitations will be sent on behalf of the bride’s parents, inviting the guests to attend the wedding of such to such and so and so.
  2. Time and date
  3. Location, including directions
  4. RSVP details
  5. Menu options
  6. Information about gift list
  7. Dress code

In addition to the details that should be included on the invitations, here are a few other things that you should consider before undertaking the task.

  • Where will you have the invitations printed? Depending on the colour and quality of the images, you might not want to rely on the old Lexmark to do the legwork. Research which printer you want to use, check the paper stock that they have available and ask for a proof.
  • Don’t forget the envelopes! You’ll become so focused on the invitation design that you will probably forget all about the envelopes so make sure that you can find envelopes to comfortably accommodate your design.
  • Cost is another factor. After going to the effort of designing your own invitations it might have been as cost effective to employ a designer to do the work for you. Get a quote from the printer before you start planning.

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