August 11th, 2015

Add a zero to wedding costs

So if it’s for a wedding, businesses put an extra zero on it, right? Wrong, that’s something that brides and grooms believe because the mounting costs of their wedding are driving the budget sky high.

There’s no argument that weddings are expensive but the things you pay for aren’t more expensive because they’re wedding related, you’re just buying expensive stuff. Some things in life do seem expensive, £4 for a coffee on the high street is expensive compared to buying a Nespresso machine and making them at home. Mobile phone contracts get more expense every upgrade and we go along with it because we want the fancy new handset. Lots of things in life are expensive but nobody makes you pay for it – you pay for it because you want it. You could hire a cheaper wedding photographer but your pictures won’t be as good. You could get married in a village hall but you might not get the same wow factor.

Ok so some things might be disproportionally expensive, such as £20 corkage fees from the wedding venue but if you think that you’re being over charged try and negotiate. And if that fails decide whether you want to suck it up or shop around. See if you can find the service your looking for somewhere else. But remember, you get what you pay for.

So before complaining about the cost of the wedding suppliers think about what you’re getting and decide whether it’s worth it. Here are a couple of examples of why your wedding isn’t too expensive but if you’re worried that you’re getting ripped off you should hire a wedding planner who knows how much things should cost, and the fee paid to a planner is often offset by the discounts (or fair price) that they will find for your wedding services. If you think you’re getting conned, get in touch and we’ll answer your questions.



Wedding florists might seem expensive when you think about how much it would cost to buy your own flowers. The trouble with buying your own flowers is that you probably don’t have the creativity of a floral designer. And do you really want to get up at 5am to go and buy the flowers? Not forgetting the time it takes to take the flowers to the church, venue and make the button holes.

Expensive Wedding Flowers


There’s a big difference between a photographer and somebody that owns a fancy camera. Having the equipment doesn’t make you a professional. A wedding photographer’s day will usually be a 12-hours without a break, sometimes more. And the work doesn’t end with the wedding, there’s the editing and album design that needs to be considered too.

Wedding Cameras