March 3rd, 2015

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I recently met Deniece from Designs by Deniece and checked out her wedding stationery and it reminded me how tough it is to know what needs to be included in the wedding invitations so I thought I’d write a blog post to help you with your wedding invites.

Of course if you hire somebody like Designs by Deniece you won’t have to worry about what should be on the invitations as she’ll guide you through the process. As a graduate from Falmouth College of Arts you know you’re getting a creative designer but more importantly you’re getting a designer with enough experience to avoid missing any of the important details from your wedding invitations.

So what information should be included in your wedding invitations?
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The bride and groom’s names are obviously a crucial detail on the wedding invitation but other names to include are your parents. With a modern wedding this is optional to have your folks listed on the invite, but if you want to follow tradition, the wedding invitation would usually be sent from the bride’s parents on behalf of their daughter, who is marrying the son of groom’s parents. However times have changed and it’s ok to break from tradition and just include the name of the bride and groom, ‘together with their families’.



It might seem like stating the obvious but it’s useful to actually say that it is a wedding invitation. Common practice is to slip this bit in with the ‘who’, ‘you’re invited to the wedding of’ or ‘you’re invited to the marriage of’. Again this is very traditional so if you want to modernise your invitation you could say that you’re getting hitched or tying the knot.



Don’t forget to include all of the locations being used for the wedding. You might be so excited about the venue for the reception that you forget to tell people where the church is. Make sure that you include directions and/or post codes to the various locations that people are expected to find. Of course this is all information that can be included on your wedding website if you choose to have one – very useful.


Easier to forget to include the than you might think. When including times and dates don’t forget to tell people what time they need to be at the church, it’s sometimes useful to add that guests are expected to arrive 15 minutes before the start of the ceremony.



Remember to be clear about which address to return the invitation to and set a deadline. If you don’t tell people when you want the invitation returned by you’ll be chasing people for their responses.



Other things that you might include on the invitation might include the following list. They can be printed on the invitation itself or as an additional info card.


  • Hotels, guesthouses or other accommodation options or sleeping arrangements.
  • Menu choices. Remember to ask about specific dietary requirements or allergies.
  • Gift list. If you have a gift list, this is the time to share it with your wedding guests.
  • Venue idiosyncrasies, such as, a cash only bar or anything else that might spoil your guests fun.
  • Dress code. Do you have specific requirements such as black tie or relaxed tailoring?
  • Local information. If your guests are staying over night it ‘s a nice touch to share some ideas about what to do locally the next day.


Now that you’ve got the details covered you can concentrate on what kind of design you want.

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All photographs are of stationery by Designs by Deniece