Ethicurean – beautiful and intimate wedding venue

October 13th, 2016


You have to check out the Ethicurean which is the perfect place for a small intimate wedding.

We found ourselves at the Ethicurean because this summer was an Off To Wed anniversary of sorts. Lizzie and I got married four years ago in July and the fourth anniversary is traditionally celebrated with flowers. So it seemed particularly apt to celebrate at a restaurant situated within a walled garden.

This restaurant, bar, café is a stunning little hideaway, situated at the foot of the Mendip Hills. Within a beautiful walled garden, the ethos is to use the grounds and surrounding areas to source the foods instead of using industrial produced ingredients. So yes, it is ethically sound which is a plus point but going beyond the ethics involved with live and nutritious food, what you get is a damn tasty plate. Food and drinks packed with flavour are the start of a great meal. Add an incredible chef to that mix and you’ve got yourself plates of wonderful food and good food means happy guests, which goes a long way to making your wedding a memorable day for everybody.

If you are looking for a venue to host a small wedding party then the Ehicurean should definitely be on the list, it’s awesome and having spoken to the staff, I bet they’d bend over backwards to make your day feel special.

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  • Setting – the location is packed with stunning natural beauty and despite being relatively close to Bristol and Bath you really do feel like you’ve escaped to your own private spot in the world.
  • Staff – the people looking after you on your wedding day are so important. Unlike some of the big chain hotels and typically weddingy wedding venues the Ethicurean’s staff seem to care about the people they’re hosting and seem passionate about their jobs and place of employment. During our visit we were served by a lovely girl that was studying at University but rather than treating her work as a Saturday job she really knew her onions and seemed invested in the venue and its principles.
  • Food – the food was absolutely fantastic. Better than some of its more well-known rivals in area. The menu offered so many tempting options that we even bought their cook book so that we could make some of the dishes when we got home.
  • Style – this place has got heaps of style. Not too on trend but a simple sense of style that makes the restaurant feel tasteful.
  • Flowers – I think I’ve got this right but with the wealth of flowers available the Ethicurean can even decorate the restaurant with some of your favourite flowers, if they’re in bloom.



  • Accommodation – the only downside is that you can’t stay at the venue but that’s not particularly unique to this venue and after all, it isn’t a hotel. There is however a silver lining in the shape of a nearby treehouse.



Photography by Paul Tschornow (T-shor-now) – Tschornow Photography