January 1st, 2015

First dance get your guests dancing



You’ve taken wedding planning to the next level, soaking up inspiration from the blogs, Pinterest, magazines, and wedding fairs. You’re bursting with ideas to make your perfect wedding- by the big day arrives, you will have created a stunning backdrop, from the moment you arrive at the church throughout the day until it’s time for the first dance. Just don’t forget to learn how to dance.

Aside from the wedding gifts, the dance is a way for your guests to show how much of a good time they’re having. Once people start dancing you know that the formalities are out of the window and its all about having fun from thereon in.

Go to a wedding in Spain, Italy or Brazil and you’ll see people flooding the dance floor without too much prompting but if you’re getting married in the UK you might need to give a little motivation to dust of the British reserve. Two of the greatest motivators are alcohol, and you! With enough booze, you’ll eventually find somebody drunk enough to make the first move but as the bride and groom it’s your responsibility to get people dancing, you have to lead them. I know how nerve racking it can be to perform to an audience but here are our four tips to make the process easier.



Pick a song that you like

Don’t just pick a song because it’s romantic pick it because you like it. Not only will you feel more comfortable dancing to a song that you know and love which will help you enjoy yourselves and might encourage your guests to join in.



Choose something that will encourage people to join in

No matter how stylish your wedding is or how cool your friends are, picking a song that everybody knows will get people dancing. Don’t worry you don’t have to turn the evening into a cheeseathon but a light sprinkling at the start might be the perfect ingredient for a good night.



Don’t forget to choose a follow-up song that will get people dancing

The second song is almost as important as the first, this is where you encourage the onlookers to join in the fun. Speak to the band or DJ to make sure the second song has the feel good factor.


Ask for help

If you’re worried about the reaction to your wedding video make sure that you ask for help before the wedding day, go out and get some lessons.