February 25th, 2015

Whats on the menu FEATURED IMAGE

So what’s on the menu? The wedding breakfast is one of the most anticipated parts of the wedding. Of course the wedding dress is at the top of the list of things that guests want to see but grub o’clock is right up there.

It’s also a bit of a lifesaver as well. The wedding breakfast will add a little stomach lining at the right time, making sure that you’re guests aren’t staggering drunk before you cut the cake. With all the emotions, alcohol and excitement of a wedding day everyone will have worked up an appetite – apart from a nervous groom that is, pooping his pants at the thought of his speech.

To help you find the perfect caterer we decided to use Thyme Chef as a benchmark. When it comes to catering for special occasions they really know their onions, as it were! So by using Thyme Chef’s standards as a marker we’ve created five essential questions that you should ask your cater before booking.


Thyme Chef



Reducing food miles might not be at the forefront of your mind when planning your wedding but Thyme Chef try to source 90% of their produce locally, which is ethical in its support of both the environment and local businesses. It’ll also impress your foodie friends, they’ll love a bit of that.



We want everybody to have a good time so make sure that you don’t cause an allergic reaction with the food. This isn’t necessarily something that you need to ask at the initial meeting but you might need to have an open dialogue with the caterer as you receive the RSVPs and their dietary requirements from your guests.



How far are your caterers prepared to travel? It sounds stupid and I’m sure you’ll find out pretty quickly that your caterers don’t want to travel from Bath to cater for a wedding in Aberdeen. Don’t assume anything when booking any wedding related service, you should ask the question early on to avoid disappointment.



It’s pretty crazy to think that a large number of brides and grooms don’t even consider asking their caterers about their experience, making their decision based on the menu options alone. What size functions have they previously catered for is a really important question because feeding big groups is a challenge in itself – providing delicious food to a large number is even trickier.



In many ways planning is quite closely linked to experience but it’s important to ask how involved your caterer will be, do they offer a few tried and tested classic dishes for you to choose from. Or will your caterer get stuck into the planning if necessary, giving you a consultation to incorporate the menu into the theme of the day or to suit the bridal party’s specific palate.