November 26th, 2014

Wedding Flowers-2943

The man holds onto his sword as the woman clings to her flowers. Sounds strange, especially if you think about that line for too long. Whichever way you look at that statement it is strange to think about a bride and groom carrying such contrasting accessories. Especially as we should be living in an age free from gender stereotyping. Besides, the wedding bouquet is a tradition that’s stayed the test of time whereas the sword has made a (sharp) exit – thankfully.

Even so, in spite of the sword being laid to rest it has left its legacy. The history behind the groom standing on the right of the bride is to keep his right hand, his sword holding hand free to protect the bride from danger. And at modern ceremonies the bride is still found holding onto the groom’s left hand, the non-sword holding hand.

The tradition behind the bride carrying flowers has a number of origins, all less dramatic, including superstition but my personal favourite is that the scent of cut flowers was used to cover up odurs. However, despite the popularity of perfumes and shower gel, wedding flowers are still with us because some traditions have stuck around (like a bad smell), no matter how old they are.

Although it might be time to even things out a little, maybe the bride could stand on the right for a change. It’s not just old fashioned because men don’t carry swords anymore, it’s old fashioned to think that women need men to protect them.

We’ll keep the bouquets though, girls like flowers!

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Photographs by Tschornow



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