March 7th, 2016


Who doesn’t love free stuff? And a Polaroid Printer is something to love, whether it’s free or not – double love! The Polaroid printer is the perfect replacement for the old school polaroid camera allowing you to print pictures immediately from your phone or tablet and Paul Tschornow from Tschornow Photography is giving them away.


So what’s all the fuss with these Polaroid printers?

I know how everybody loves a bit of vintage or retro action at their wedding but the trouble is that as soon as people start doing something then everybody’s at it and the originality has been well and truly squeezed out of Polaroid cameras. So rather than being a nostalgic plaything at your wedding the Polaroid camera is just another, well, just another polaroid camera at a wedding. So instead of being the same as every other bride & groom positioning their retro camera between a birdcage and vintage typewriter, do something different, have fun with the modern instead.

Think about it your guests will be using their phones all day, at the ceremony, during the wedding breakfast, speeches or whenever, and they’ll be catching the special little moments that look awesome in all their candid glory. With the Polaroid printer you’re giving the guests an opportunity to print out the best ones for your guest book.



How does the Polaroid printer work?

It’s so easy. You wirelessly connect your iPhone & Android phones or tablets to the printer and simply print the image from your phone on to the printer. That’s it!


Why get one?

As I said earlier, it’s a great tool for putting ‘interesting’ pictures into your guest book but it’s also a bit of fun too. People love a new toy and this is something that your guests will have fun playing about with. Great memories and great fun, what more could you ask for.


Get one for free

If you want to get your hands on a free Polaroid printer, Paul Tschornow of Tschornow Photography is giving one away as part of a March promotion. He’s giving them to people that choose to book him as their photographer so you’d better go and check his portfolio to see if you like his work.