January 22nd, 2016

getting to the wedding 2

It’s the bride’s prerogative to be late for her own wedding but the guests need to be there on time, which got me thinking, this is something you should definitely consider when booking the venue – how do you get your guests to the church on time?



So many brides that and grooms that love the idea of getting married in a quaint little on church set in a picturesque country village. Well yeah, these little old English churches look cool in the wedding photographs, but tucked away at the end of a narrow lane hanging off the side of a hill isn’t always the easiest place to park. This isn’t to say that you shouldn’t book this church it that’s what you want but you might need to find out how much space there is to park and let your guests know so that they can be prepared to ditch their cars somewhere nearby.



Much like the parking at an old church, postcodes aren’t always on your side when it comes to finding a church. The same is true for so many other wedding venues too, hotels, country houses and what nots are notoriously hard to find. Don’t just rely on the postcode listed online check with somebody at the venue to get hold of the most satnav friendly post code.


Travel between the ceremony and reception

This is your basic logistics test to pass. Without careful planning there’s a real risk of leaving somebody or something at the church. Some folks reuse the flowers from the church at the venue, if that’s you then make sure there’s enough room in the cars. You also need to remember that the bridesmaids and father of the bride get ferried to the church in the wedding car but their places might be taken on the trip form the church! That’s right, once the groom hops into the car your old man and besties are out on their ears so organise a ride to the wedding reception for these somewhat important guests.


Invite info

Finally, if you are hiring a hard to find, hard to get to, hard to park at venue then make sure that the invites let people know. Help them plan ahead for things like lift shares, taxi numbers or anything else that might need to be considered. You don’t want to leave anybody behind now do you. Do you?

getting to the wedding