June 9th, 2014

Tschornow Photography Groom Torso

You know as well as I do that a stunning outfit is completed by its accessories. The problem on the wedding day is that you’re not going to have the usual fail safe items, no bag, no clutch purse – good job you’ve got the groom to finish the look.

There isn’t quite the same enthusiasm for the groom’s wedding attire as there is for the bride’s dress but this doesn’t mean the groom’s outfit should become an afterthought. The wedding dress looks stunning, the bridesmaids look beautiful, the colour scheme and flowers have been carefully considered. Then here comes the groom, looking like a bozo that has sneaked into the wedding photographs rather than being half the reason the wedding is actually taking place.

Operation wedding dress is top secret, disguising the identity of the dress from the groom until the big day but that doesn’t mean that bride and groom shouldn’t try and co-ordinate the outfits. Packing the groom of to Moss Bros with the sole instruction of incorporating the bridesmaid’s colours into the outfit is always going to end in disappointment.

I’m sure the groom will look very smart in black or charcoal tails accompanied by a swirly waistcoat with a shade of pink that matches perfectly to the bridesmaid’s flocks! Don’t forget, your wedding album will feature more pictures of the bride and groom than the bride and bridesmaids and certainly more than the groom and bridesmaids (hopefully), so take the time to smarten him up and create the perfect looking couple.

It isn’t difficult it just takes a little time, tailoring and supervision.

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 Images by Tschornow [Sure-know] Photography