May 17th, 2016

What's it like getting married

There are so many reasons for getting married. Hopefully you’re getting married because you love each other but people do get married out of convention, convenience and the occasional visa. If you’re reading this blog post I’m sure that the excitement of getting married and the celebration of the love you share with your fiancé means you’re getting married for the right reasons.

Being engaged means you spend all your time planning for your wedding day. Searching for the perfect venue, shopping for wedding dresses and scouring Pinterest for inspiration but what you don’t plan for is the being married part. What’s it like to be married and how does it feel? Providing that you’re not getting married to gain citizenship, you might have already asked yourself this question. You probably don’t know the answer to the question or you might even expect to feel the same as you did before you got married. Much like your birthday – people will ask you, “how do you feel now that you’re 30”, to which you’ll think that it actually feels a lot like being 29 but with more of a stigma attached.

But unlike getting a day older, marriage actually does feel different. It’s hard to explain exactly how, there’s just something about it that feels different, better. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been together you’ll feel a glow of the newlyweds. The day after your wedding feels super strange, especially for the bride, there’s still this feeling that you’re leaving your family. Taking on a different surname is as weird as it is exciting but it’s a reminder that you’re not daddy’s little girl anymore.

Having been married for three years, I still feel different to pre-wedding days, it’s a really lovely feeling that’s hard to summarise but I love being married and cherish every moment of married life and the future wedded happiness (and occasional grumps & groans!) ahead of me. So for all you brides and grooms out that are there looking forward to planning your weddings, don’t forget that once you’re hitched, the rings are exchanged, the photographs are taken and the flowers have wilted, you’ve got years of wedded bliss ahead of you to cherish and enjoy together.


Photo credit: Scott Webb