June 18th, 2015

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The best best man speech is witty, heartfelt and clean so my tip is to keep it PG.

As with all public speaking the trick is to engage your audience. There’s a lot of pressure for the best man to be funny but this doesn’t mean he has to be. The best man hasn’t been hired as part of the entertainment, so if humour isn’t his thing then he should go for honesty and emotion.

Here are six tips to help the best man make a winning speech so help him out and share this blog post with him why don’t you.



First things first let people know who you are. It’s obvious that you’re the best man but there will probably be some people that you haven’t met, such as the bride’s family. Tell them your name and briefly explain your relationship with the groom, how you met, how long you’ve known each other – that sort of thing. This will allow the other guests to build familiarity with you and put you at ease for what’s to follow.



Be careful if you’re planning to use props as part of your best man speech, you don’t want to use anything that could have a technical fault or takes time to set up. Powerpoint presentations are popular ways to share pictures to embarrass the groom but you have a back up in case of technical issues. Also be prepared, enlist one of the ushers to manage the technical setup to ensure there’s a quick transition between the groom speech and your turn – never keep your audience waiting.



The best man speech is hotly anticipated but don’t forget that guests have also turned up to drink, dance and have fun so entertain but just not for too long.

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Enjoy the day, have a few drinks but try not to get too trolleyed. When drunk you’ll think that you’re funny, charming and that everybody loves you. In reality you’ll be slurring, repetitive and annoying so take it steady on the booze.



It’s customary for the best man to compliment the bride and her bridesmaids but this doesn’t need to be a passing comment. Build up the bride and groom, and their relationship. By bigging up the groom, people will realise how close you are as friends and will be a lot more receptive when you begin to roast him.



You’re going to have an audience of all ages so stick to safe subjects, appropriate for all ages and generations. By highlighting the grooms previous partners or history of sexual encounters you might succeed in suitably embarrassing him, however, the problem is that the bride, both sets of parents and older and younger wedding guests will all be left visibly uncomfortable.

The trick to a good wedding speech is to be yourself. Don’t try too hard to be funny, stay relaxed be honest and don’t be scared of a little bromance and you’ll be a hit.