May 7th, 2014

First it’s the Canapés then you might have a chocolate wedding favour, this will be followed by a three course meal and at some point you’re going to need to leave room for some cake. And this is all before the caterers breakout the buffet.

For me the wedding cake is the best part of a wedding. I can still remember being babysat as a child while my parents were at a wedding, they’d return with a piece of cake wrapped in a serviette and to this day when I think of weddings I think of cake.

No matter how full you might be from the wedding breakfast, when you see a cake created by Anna Tyler Cakes you’ll feel like I do, the inner child inside will scream with excitement. You’ll be amazed by the irresistible design and the mouth-watering flavours are nothing short of edible perfection.

If you get chance to meet Anna Tyler Cakes you’ll see for yourself that Anna’s charming style reflects her youthful approach to cake decoration.

Anna Tyler02 Anna Tyler01

Photos provided by Anna Tyler Cakes