December 17th, 2015

Hipster groom


You could shave for your wedding or you could just grow a big massive beard and carry a pipe like this guy, becoming the ultimate hipster groom at your wedding.

People get so weird about wedding styling and yeah I get it, the groom should look good next to his stunning bride in her stunning gown but if shaving isn’t your normal look fellas forget about it. Tidy yourselves up and if you sport facial hair then groom it, don’t shave it. You’re getting married not going for a job interview.

Ok so there is an argument that your wedding look should be timeless to avoid looking like a throwback when looking through your wedding album on your anniversary, and beards have peaked. Yes they’ve peaked but they’re not over yet so if you’re getting pressured into shaving for your wedding day, resist. If you do shave then a cutthroat shave is definitely the way to go but if you’re usually a bearded monster then stick with it. Think about it you’ll be so much more comfortable in your own skin and you want to be relaxed right?

If you’re not going to do it for yourself, then do it for your guests. It’s weird talking to someone after they’ve shaved their beard – they always look like peeled potatoes. It’s like when your specky friend suddenly switches to contact lenses, it’s hard to look ‘em in the eye, their tiny unmagnified eyes.

So there we have it, don’t shave your beard just for the wedding, it’ll freak out your friends and you’ll feel a little off. So no matter how much grief you’re soon to be mother in law throws at you, dodge it and do what feels right. But for god’s sake make sure that you groom that bird’s nest under your chin, desert sland castaway is not a good look.


Wedding Beard

Photograph by Tschornow