June 2nd, 2015

Jemma & Adam-361

It’s amazing how lucky some people are when it comes to their wedding day wedding and this bride and groom are one of those couples. You never really know what you’re going to get, weather-wise, when you settle on a date, if you pick a summer wedding date, sunshine is not guaranteed.

This lovely couple Adam and Jemma photographed by Bristol based wedding photographer Paul Tschornow were one of those lucky couples. Having picked a date in March they couldn’t have been sure what to expect, from rain, shine or snow but it was a lovely clear day at their Buckinghamshire wedding venue, Burnham Beeches Hotel. A lovely clear day within ten acres of gardens, no less.

This serene hotel located near Windsor has a great history behind it. A former hunting lodge almost three hundred years ago has gone on to host the England football team in more modern times. But this was an altogether special occasion and you might even spot a different kind of sporting theme as some of the guests crowded around a tiny screen to catch part of the six nations championship.

Everything about this wedding was a lesson to all the brides and grooms out there that might be getting stressed about their big day – take it easy. Jemma and Adam were so relaxed, they’d obviously put a lot of care and attention into the wedding details but simply spent the day in relaxed enjoyment. And maybe that’s why the weather was on their side, karma.

If you want the perfect wedding, that’s how you get it – relax and enjoy your wedding day.

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