May 7th, 2014

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The journey to the wedding ceremony and the return to the reception is joyous, exciting and a little bit trippy. You will spend months planning a wedding, it’s all you will talk about with your partner, family and close friends, then all of a sudden following quarter of an hour stood at the alter you’re pronounced man and wife.

You’ll leave the church, bells will ring, confetti thrown, cameras snap and then you’re sat in the back of the wedding car. That’s when it hits you – “we’re married” one of you will say. As strange as it sounds, this might be one of the first times you’ve really thought about what it’s like to be married since the engagement. Having spent so long planning it’s easy to become distracted by the wedding day, forgetting the marriage part. Now all of a sudden you’re presented with the splendid reality that you’ve just entered into an eternal bond.

Giggles and excitement will take hold as the two of you travel to the reception. This is one of the few times during the day when you will have some time together before the chaotic pleasure of the wedding after party.

There are so many cars to choose from but in the spirit of a trippy journey Off To Wed decided that an Indian inspired motor fits the bill perfectly. Check out the 1950’s vintage style Indian Ambassador car offered by Kushi Cars. It’s a bit kitsch (in a good way) with red and gold interior fabrics and when you see the bumper adorned with flowers you and your wedding guests will certainly say wowzers.

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Image by Alexa Loy 

Mr&MrsUnique at Aynhoe0013

Image by Alexa Loy

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Image by Joy Pictures 

Kushi Cars

Images by Adam Scull and Mark Walford
Lead image by Fear Photography