June 7th, 2014

ell & cee crochet bardot maxi


As much fun as your wedding day will be, there are a lot of nerves and emotions that will come spilling out. Just stay calm and make sure that you’re so well organised that you don’t have to do or think about anything come the wedding day.

Planning for a wedding is relatively easy, in principle! What is stressful is remembering to do everything in time, ensuring that none of the small, yet crucial, details get overlooked. As soon as you’re engaged you’ll rush out in search of a dress but it’s easy to forget the underwear with all the larger things to organise, the flowers, photography and catering. The bridal gown is the thing that all eyes will be on during the ceremony, during the wedding breakfast and in the pictures. Women will adore you, men will admire and assorted family members will shed a tear at the sight of you. However, only one set of eyes will see the bridal underwear and that makes this little detail all the more special.

You want to delight and excite your other half and you also want to feel special. You want to feel a sense of femininity and sensuality beneath the dress. You want to feel comfortable in the delicate fabric beneath your gown. If there is one day that requires something more than a big pair of pants and a leopard print bra, it’s your wedding day.

To make sure you get something special don’t leave it until the last minute. Spending the weekend before the wedding traipsing the high street won’t deliver the result your looking for. If you want something really special you will want to get properly measured for the perfect fit. And why stop at simply getting the right size – go all the way (so to speak) and get something specially made.

ell & cee bardot maxi 01

One of the lingerie brands that Off To Wed is currently in love with is Ell & Cee. Having featured at London fashion week the designs have an impressive beauty that have been selected by Selfridges, ASOS and Victoria Secrets and you can see why, Ell & Cee lingerie exhibits style that any bride would be proud to flaunt. Manufactured in the UK many of the designs can incorporate treasured items or keepsakes for a personalised bespoke finish.

Traditionally the garter was something that would have been removed from the bride’s body by the groom and then thrown to an unmarried male guest – as a somewhat strange equivalent to throwing the bride’s bouquet. I can guarantee that one you’ve seen the quality of the silks used by Ell and Cee’s creations this is a tradition that you won’t be observing, no matter how partial the groom is to throwing his wife’s undies around in public.

Elle and Cee 03 three
Carrie Garter / Gatsby Garter / Carrie Garter

Elle and Cee 01 one
Creme Brûlée Robe / Creme Brûlée Robe / Ell & Cee Decor Robe

Elle and Cee 02 two
Ell & Cee Bardot Baby Doll / Ell & Cee Bardot Baby Doll / Powder Puff Just Married

Elle and Cee 04 Four
The Hen Knicker / Ell & Cee Deco Brief / Blue Silk Married

Images by Saga Sig