February 23rd, 2015

When talking or writing about weddings the word perfect always seems to be on the tip of my tongue and fingers. If you really think about it, planning the perfect wedding is a strange concept because searching for perfection is aspirational and subjective, whatever you do will be perfect to you.

The reason this idea has come to mind is following conversations with Planet Gold Décor, who specialise in dressing venues to create exactly what you want to form the background of your wedding. They told me that they love an ugly building – certainly not something that usually makes the tick list of qualities when searching for a wedding venue but you can see the logic.

As a venue stylist they get the joy of transforming average looking walls, floors and ceilings into something truly stunning. And as a bride and groom you get the chance to indulge your fantasies. What a great way to select your venue. Instead of traipsing around converted barns and country house hotels just pick somewhere that lends itself to makeover at the hands of a stylist. Or think about how a stylist could turn a marquee into something stunning.

Check out this time-lapse video to see how a big old tent was transformed into a circus big top. It’s pretty amazing to think about what can be done.

A big top wedding certainly has that edge to it but the theme doesn’t have to stop at the decoration. With such a large space the venue lends itself perfectly to live performances to acrobats or jugglers. That’s something else to consider, don’t just book a magician or a funk band to get your guests excited, incorporate wedding entertainers that are relevant to your theme. Rather than hiring a master of ceremony at a big top wedding you should employ a circus master. Just don’t take your theme too far – leave out the lions.