September 1st, 2014


So the minimoon that’s new! Or not that new anymore, everybody’s at it. The minimoon began as a way for the newlyweds that were either time poor or post-wedding broke to get some private time together. I’m not sure that is the case anymore, it seems to be a trendy way to sneak a pre-honeymoon holiday in and they aren’t necessarily cheap.

Friends of mine recently spent their minimoon in Las Vegas. That’s right Vegas baby, VEGAAASSSS. I would have thought Las Vegas is the place you get married accidentally, with the Elvis and Marilyn Munroe look-a-like waiters as your witnesses shortly after your new and temporary best friends had poured one too many mojitos at the roulette wheel.

Sticking with Vegas, I have to point out that it takes approximately nine hours flying time each way, the cost of each flight is around the £700 mark and you’re going to need to take a considerable amount of spending money. This ain’t exactly mini any more, this moon has just got maxi.

Whether you call it mini, honey or indeed maxi the tradition behind this holiday is the same, it’s about you and your new spouse taking time to relax and enjoy some time together. There certainly isn’t anything wrong with that and if you do go on a minimoon it means one thing, part one of a two-part honeymoon – yes please. You get two honeymoons, twice the relaxation, twice the fun and twice the upgrades. You’d be mad not to at least think about a minimoon.

If you need some inspiration for your minimoon Italy certainly has a lot to offer and the flight is shorter. We checked out the fabulous Villa Sassolini, with access to Florence offers the perfect private hideaway with great food and personable service in abundance.

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