November 18th, 2014

Off To Wed Wedding Accessories 2
Moss letters make the perfect wedding day accessories for brides looking for something unique and creative.

I’ve previously spoken about how a wedding is like a branding exercise. From the colours and the stationery, to the accessories that say something about the couple’s personalities. Typography often plays a part in accessorising a wedding, spelling the names of the bride and groom, ‘Mr & Mrs Such and Such’ or words such as ‘Love’ are popular choices.

Wood and illuminated letters are really popular but you have to check out The Moss Letter Company. There’s no confusion about what they do, but just in case – they’re going to supply letters made using moss. They cover all occasions, helping to give a birthday bash a little natural décor to helping your office party achieve that Christmossy feel!

Taking christenings and bar mitzvahs out of the equation, The Moss Letter Company can help with your wedding. After all, the company got started when owner Jodie decided to do something a little different for her own wedding and used moss letters to create her pretty accessories. And it doesn’t stop there Jodie is always game for a challenge and as she says, “if you want a portrait of your nan” or whatever weird and wonderful design you can think of set her the challenge.

I certainly think that there’s a lot you can do with these moss letters that can be used in doors and out doors and I want to say a bit thanks to Jodie for making us a mossy Off To Wed.

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