November 10th, 2014

Off To Wed Movember Wedding2

Remember, remember, moustache for November, or something like that. The question is, are moustaches cool or will there be fireworks from the mother of the bride when she spots the handlebars keeping the groom company at the end of the aisle?

If you’re planning a November wedding then you will definitely want to think about the effect Movember will have on your theme and photos. If you’re looking for a World War 2 or Hombre theme then you’re on to a winner, otherwise you might have a few complications.

Movember really is great. Aside from the fact that it took charity fundraising in the right direction – replacing the overly enthused, dreadlock sporting, students on street corners with a clever marketing campaign – Movember raises money and awareness for prostate cancer, testicular cancer and mental health problems.

With that in mind it’s hard to get all bridezilla about it and ban moustaches (and charity) from your wedding. Maybe you should just embrace it, have fun with the Movember campaign. You could encourage all the guys to sport a tash and you could incorporate the moustache into your invitations and other stationery. In fact, as it happens, moustaches are very fashionable right now, they’re the new beards, so bring it on and have a fan-tash-tic wedding.

Off To Wed Movember Wedding1