July 14th, 2015

Naked Cakes

Where the hell has the marzipan gone? It’s weird that I’ve only just realised that it’s been a while since ‘they’ stopped putting marzipan in wedding cakes for a very long time. It’s only when I started thinking about all this ‘naked cake’ business that I realised one of my favourite ingredients has been missing for yonks.

I’m not sure if this is true for everybody but there seems to be a period in life where you don’t get invited to weddings. I went through a kind of wedding hiatus during my late teens and throughout university, finally returning to the wedding scene a couple of years post graduation. I suppose it happened because I was at an age where none of my friends were getting married (that’s changed), my parents’ friends were already married and I was the oldest of all my cousins so there weren’t any relatives getting hitched. Or, the other possible is perhaps people were getting married and I was just at an awkward age so nobody wanted to invite me, worried about having to engage me in conversation about the next cool band that nobody had heard of, and probably still haven’t (for good reason). They might also have been trying to avoid disappointment at receiving a random wedding present from a student, a retro piece of junk found at some obscure flea market.

Whatever the reason, there was probably a ten year gap in which I didn’t attend a wedding and when I think about it, they’ve really changed. For a start, weddings are a lot less conservative than they ever were, actually looking like upmarket flea markets, littered with retro and vintage accessories. The photography is better, the music has improved, thankfully – I haven’t heard ‘Come on Eileen’ or the ‘Grease Megamix’ for a while. And the food – the food is so much better.

I can’t have missed the marzipan that much; I didn’t even notice that it had gone until I started to think about the trend of naked cakes, and even that realisation has taken me about a year. If I do attend a wedding with a cake, I want it naked baby. And with DIY weddings still ‘doing it’ for most brides, the naked cake has got to be easier than up-skilling your icing technique, right?

Naked Wedding Cake