July 20th, 2014

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They can be pretty expensive and people rarely eat it. What is the point of a wedding cake?

There’s always a big kerfuffle about ‘the cutting of the cake’. A crowd gathers with cameras at the ready and the professional photographer is always alert waiting for this ritual to be performed, often at the bemusement of the bride and groom.

Cutting a cake is not in anyway a complicated activity. Anybody that has ever been to a wedding has seen it done, it’s more than likely that the bride and groom have cut a cake before – probably not quite as grand as the triple tier extravaganza that they’re about to launch into but lets face it, if you’ve sliced into a battenberg with a butter knife, you can surely manage this task. But the newly weds often look completely perplexed when it comes to cutting the wedding cake. Understandably so. Anybody would look a little confused if a crowd of amateur paparazzi pounced on them as they were about to tuck into their victoria sponge.

The tradition of the wedding cake comes from the breaking of the bread in ancient Rome. It was commonplace for this Roman baguette to be broken across the bride’s head so you ‘brides to be’ should be grateful that things have moved on since the empire’s demise.

There isn’t any real logic to the wedding cake but a wedding is packed with traditions and rituals that don’t really have any impact on the legality of the marriage. They do have an impact on the romance and mood of the day and the wedding cake is another opportunity to create a beautiful centrepiece so embrace it. If you want to make the most of it have some doggie bags at the ready so that at least people can take a slice home with them, why not have a cake and eat it.

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Photographs taken for Off To Wed by Tschornow Photography