March 13th, 2015

Spring Flowers Pink & Yellow-7316

Spring is in the air and Inspiration is everywhere. Strictly speaking spring doesn’t start for another week but following some nice weather this week (there has also been a fair old bit of rain too), I thought I’d write a blog post to celebrate the arrival of this pleasant season and the role it has on wedding planning.

Brighter days and leaving the office in daylight gives you a lift and with this positive feeling it’s easier to find inspiration for your wedding, with all the arrival of new fashion trends and new flowers appearing in the garden there are loads of visual indicators. I reached this conclusion yesterday morning as I was getting ready for the day – I’ve had a bunch of mixed roses in my bedroom this week, nothing elaborate just a simple selection of white, pink and yellow roses. They’ve been giving me that spring vibe every morning, and although I wouldn’t have picked this bunch to form my bridal bouquet they did make me think about pink and yellow as a wedding colour combo.
Spring Flowers Pink & Yellow-7315

It might just be that I’ve been starved of colour. Living with the muted tones of autumn and winter, the first sight of brightly coloured flowers have gone to my head but I really am feeling pink and yellow right now. These colours might be a little overwhelming as part of your floral bouquet, although that’s a matter of personal taste, but you can use the pink and yellow colour in a number of different ways, not just flowers. I’m not suggesting that you turn up in a Nody car, or even that you adorn the whole venue in these two strong colours but there are little places to include these pink and yellow touches, from straws in the welcome drinks to a themed colour in your invitations. One piece of advice that I would suggest is that you use a third colour to offer balance, and to avoid making your wedding looking like an homage to the Battenberg cake.

Pink & Yellow Wedding Things


  1. Macaroons by Studio Cake
  2. Straws from etsy
  3. Wedding Invitations by Minted