January 14th, 2015


“Those who got married before Pinterest should get to have another go….for free.” OH if things were only that simple!


As the wedding industry constantly brings us innovative ideas and trends, the world of technology is also developing to play a role in our special day. Live wedding streams, wedfie (wedding selfie for those who have not heard) photo booths, and social media wedding hashtags to name just a few, are the ways in which technology is playing part in the all important wedding day.


Pinterest came around in 2010 but has really taken off in the wedding world in the past couple of years, and it would almost seem impossible to plan a wedding without the social site.


If you’re not familiar with the popular app, then there’s no possible way you can be a Bride-to-be. But if by chance you’re a Bride-to-be that has been living under a rock, we can explain. It allows you to search through thousands, and we mean thousands of images of particular genres and trends. Simply “pin” the photos you like onto your own boards you create.


When planning a wedding, Pinterest is like your little black book. Just think, you can make a board for “guestbook ideas”, “bridesmaid dresses”, “hair styles”, “bridal bouquets”… oh yes, you get the drift, and you’re wondering how on earth you would ever plan a wedding without it!


With a heavy emphasis on DIY creations or fairy tale images you’ve been dreaming of since you were a little girl, it seems that Pinterest and Brides go together better than Husband and Wife.


We’ve seen brides making Pinterest boards even before they’ve got engaged, and it’s easy to get swept along when you find yourself drooling over these dreamy images sparking off inspiration from every corner of your brain.


It can be great for Brides who are needing direction with their wedding. You will find plenty of different ideas, themes, colour combinations, and styles to help influence your own choices for your big day. The vast amounts of ideas at your fingertips can also be quite overwhelming and you may find it challenging to ‘pin’ down one particular idea.


Although Pinterest does let the creativity flow, and is great to find inspiration especially when you are stumped for ideas but like everything, it does have its drawbacks.


The best advice to keep in mind when using Pinterest to mood board your wedding is to keep an open mind. Those 4ft candelabras you’ve found covered in flowers do look beautiful, but will come with a hefty price tag which you may not have budgeted for. Those super cute wooden table centre boxes look amazing, but you can’t find them anywhere and it’s too late to have them made.


This is why it can be difficult to stay realistic when using this convenient planner and it can be easy to be faced with disappointment and frustration.


The best way to avoid being disappointed when you match your Pinterest boards to reality is to work with wedding professionals and use their knowledge and skills to advise you. Sharing your Pinterest board with everyone involved in your wedding is a great idea, and although your ideas may not be matched exactly, it will certainly show the style and the look you are aiming for, and industry experts will be able to easily share your vision.


Perhaps the days of sitting at your kitchen table with a pile of wedding magazines and scissors to hand are finally behind us, and instead keep your iPhone or tablet just a click away. Warning: after reading this blog an addiction to Pinterest planning may develop.


Written by Rosa Sherwood.
When Rosa isn’t writing and creating she can be found making up the numbers as the marketing manager at Wild About Flowers Keynsham.