March 2nd, 2016


Ring-a-ding-dong, we’re talking a festival wedding accommodation. Yep, this blog post is all about bell tents, the perfect solution staying in the great outdoors on the night of a bloody good wedding.


Unshackled from the confines of a stuffy wedding venue, say goodbye to the high ceilings and clinking of cutlery in favour of a genuinely fun atmosphere. Floral crowns and barefooted frolicking follow the exchanging of the rings as gay abandonment takes hold of your wedding party. It’s a festival wedding throw your arms in the air and rejoice.


Or something like that! Actually, it’s probably a bit more like this, you like the style of a festival wedding and why wouldn’t you, outdoor weddings are awesome and the styling that go with them are so much fun. It’s really hard to make your wedding completely unique but with a festival or some other kind of al fresco affair you can make your own stamp on things because it’s not something than many brides and grooms are brave enough to try.


One of my all-time favourite weddings was a festival wedding and what I loved about it was how relaxed everybody was. Of course people relax at weddings but it sometimes takes a little bit of time for folks to get into the swing of it – polite chit chat follows the ceremony until all the champagne has been devoured. At an outdoor wedding the formalities are relaxed and the guests, well, they just get straight into the party spirit.


So what happens when the party, your wedding, comes to an end and it’s time for bed? Bunking on hay bales, crashing in the car or directly under the stars aren’t the best option so I guess you’ll need a tent. But this is a stylish wedding so you’re going to need a stylish tent, a bell tent.


Bell tents are amazing, they’ve got so much room, I mean come on you can even stand up in them. And look what we’ve found for you, Bears & Butterflies. This family business really know how to look after you – all that you and your guests have to do is turn up. Bears & Butterflies make the perfect home from home for you to snuggle up at night. They’ll pitch the tents, furnished with double airbeds and luxurious linen and when it’s time to wake for breakfast they’ve even provided the cooking and dining utensils. What more could you possibly ask for?


bears-and-butterflies-1   bears-and-butterflies-3 bears-and-butterflies-4 bears-and-butterflies-7 bears-and-butterflies-5


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