January 25th, 2015

Lucy and Ben 5

I love magic but I’ve always been a little sceptical about wedding magicians, until lately. But at what point on your wedding day should you plan the magician to entertain your guests?

I seriously do love magic – a pee my pants with excitement kinda ‘love it’. Street magicians are just too much, I can’t get enough of them. I’d love to meet Dynamo, and David Blane is incredible – his magic that is, his weird stunts in glass boxes and hanging upside down don’t really do it for me. What I want from a magician is wow and awe.

This is why I didn’t really care for magicians at weddings, they weren’t exciting enough. Or maybe the problem was that the magicians I’d seen at weddings didn’t have enough charisma. It might sound mean but it’s an important part of the magician’s repertoire – the magician is an entertainer.

Having found Chris Piercy, a magician with charisma, I’m totally into the idea of hiring a wedding magician and I’m so pleased because it offers the perfect solution to quite a few predicaments.



We’ve all been guests at weddings where the wedding photographs seem to take forever and if you’re not involved in them it can become very boring – bring in the magician to keep everyone laughing smiling, and having fun.



Hiring a magician to perform during the wedding breakfast is the perfect alternative to small talk and awkward conversations. Of course everybody will get along at your wedding but to speed things up, a little magic offers the perfect icebreaker. There’s going to be one or two tables with a couple of wild cards (guests that don’t know each other) and you’ll work very hard to group people that you think will get along. By throwing a magician into the mix you will give strangers something to talk about.



Okay, admittedly it’s going to need a magician of biblical proportions to prevent the heavens from opening but as with all great magic, you’re magician will at least create a distraction. Despite picking the venue for its perfectly manicured gardens and croquet lawn, if it rains your guests are heading indoors and who cares because people have magic.

Lucy and Ben 3

Photographs by Simon Furlong

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