November 5th, 2014



I know you don’t want to hear it, but it’s impossible to talk about winter weddings without using the ‘C’ word. It’s crazy how a word can make people so angry but drop the c-bomb and people are outraged – so when is it acceptable to talk about Christmas?

I was lying flat on my back, mouth wide open, listening to my dentist as she examined my molars. Unable to respond due to the fact she had my mouth clamped open I listened as she bemoaned the early introduction of Christmas – there, I’ve said it again. Apparently she heard a Christmas tune playing in the chemist, an experience that will totally ruin her enjoyment of Christmas by the time it arrives, she explained.

Yeah right, a little too much Mariah Carey might make you feel a little down in the dumps. But seriously! A minute or two of ‘all I want for Christmas’ while buying shampoo in Boots isn’t going to spoil one of the greatest days of the year.

Okay so maybe I’ve made you read the word Christmas six times so far but I’m very excited – I wish it could be Christmas every day. However, if you’ve got a winter wedding to look forward to I can see why your excitement might be directed elsewhere.

If you are having a winter wedding you can save yourself some effort (and expense) on the decoration front as the hotel, country house, chosen wedding venue will probably have decorated the building. Of course you want to make sure that they share your tastes. Otherwise, you might end up with a wedding decked out in gaudy tinsel and a fake plastic tree.

I pulled out some pictures from a visit last year to Flowers by Passion. This is how to decorate a winter wedding without the Christmas overkill. Maybe you should share this article with your wedding coordinator to give a little nudge in the right direction.

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