May 27th, 2015

Long Vs Round Wedding Tables

As much as we like to think that we’re planning a unique and individual wedding we’re a homogeneous bunch really and that’s why most guests will be seated at round tables for the wedding breakfast.

In all fairness, they’re aren’t a great many options when it comes to table layout; round tables, long tables, erm… well round and long is pretty much it really. The trouble is that this doesn’t event seem to be an option for most people, round is the default choice that most brides and grooms opt for but at Off To Wed we love long tables. There’s nothing wrong with round tables they’re great too but because they’re so commonplace, we’re chuffed whenever we attend a wedding with long tables.
Lizzie & Paul-486
Long tables look so great. We all know how important symmetry is in beauty, with long tables there’s a much better chance of room symmetry with three or four long tables running parallel to each other down the length of the room. And long tables really lend themselves to tall candlesticks, flowers and vintage cutlery lined up like an army of prettiness. The straight lines of a long table look stunning in the wedding photographs too.

A lot of people choose round tables because they’re more sociable but actually that really depends on the size of the table. The person sitting opposite you on a round table is sometimes too far away to talk to with your ‘inside voice’ and you’re going to have to holler to make yourself heard. This pretty much means you can only talk to one or two people at a time.



Another practical reason for choosing long tables is because you can fit more people in the room. With a round or oval shaped table you’re left needing more floor space to navigate around. And you’ll find the table plan a hell of a lot easier with long tables. So if you weren’t swayed by the aesthetic argument, anything that eases the headache of the seating plan has got to be a winner, hasn’t it?