July 17th, 2014

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A coastal wedding deserves a wedding car that reflects the setting. Classic VW beetles and camper vans are the obvious choice, nothing says surfer dude like a German made automobile! But, if you want something with a bit more style, something sexy, think speedboat – far-out.

Imagine how exciting it will be to arrive at your wedding breakfast bouncing across the waves, travelling 40 knots per hour, sun shining down while the gentle ocean spray and a sea breeze keep you feeling cool. That’s cool as in, lowered temperature, reduced heat, not the too hot kind of cool. Sounds pretty cool to me.

Of course this open top ride across the ocean could expose the newly weds to the elements, leaving them to look a little windswept by the time it comes to greeting guests and posing for the wedding photographer. So, Off To Wed decided to test it for ourselves.

We can definitely give a thumbs up to adding a speedboat into the mix and it certainly isn’t too windy reclining at the stern. We didn’t want to test any old speedboat, we wanted to find something that provided the required element of romance. We went in search of the Rolls Royce of speedboats and I think we found that when we met Cliff Adams in Cornwall who took us out on his hand built vintage-style boat. Cliff constructed this beauty using Canadian Maple, African Mahogany and Douglass Fir. When a bride sets her eyes upon a beauty like this she’ll feel extra special, spotting her reflection in the resplendent beauty of this vessel that is more commonly spotted on the Venetian waterways. And when the engine is stopped to enjoy the views, while sipping champagne floating across the waves, anybody would find it hard to drag themselves away from a moment of beauty and tranquillity.

If you don’t take our word for it, be inspired by the soon to be married George Clooney who found these boats so irresistible he ended up in hot water with the Italian polizia when he jumped behind the wheel of one during last year’s Venice Film Festival, as reported by Vanity Fair in 2013.

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Images by Tschornow [Sure-know] Photography