October 9th, 2014

Save The Date Off To Wed-4562


Wow, we just received the most beautiful save the date card ever and had to share it with you. This got us thinking about the importance of save the dates. Are they really necessary, or is it another tradition that the bride and groom blindly go along with?

Everybody will know that you’re getting married, don’t worry about that. Apart from the rock on your left hand, social media will fill in the gaps for anybody wondering if you’ve been promoted from boyfriend & girlfriend to fiancés.

Don’t rely on Facebook’s status update alone to keep people informed about the date of your wedding. You might have competition for your chosen date so, ‘yes’, the save the date card is necessary. As soon as you have a confirmed date, tell the people that you want to invite before they book their holidays or accept invitations to somebody else’s wedding.

Some people will tell you to send your save the date cards eight months to one year before the wedding, but listen to Off To Wed when we tell you to ‘get in there’ with the save the date before anybody else does. A word of warning however, don’t get to haphazard about sending them out – only send them to the people that you definitely want to invite to the whole wedding. Try and avoid sending save the date cards to your ‘evening guests’ otherwise they might expect to be coming to the whole affair and might be disappointed when they find out that they’re more B-Team than A-Team.

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