July 23rd, 2015

Summer Wedding Flowers

Hayfever alert, we’re talking summer flowers for your wedding. You can plan your wedding to an inch of its life, working from that wedding scrapbook you started when you were a little girl. You know what the dress is going to look like, the type of fairytale castle that will host the wedding and flowers on show. But girl you’re a woman now, so you’re going to have to get a little real – just a little.

Your sartorial tastes might have changed, the fairytale castle has been redeveloped into luxury apartments and the flowers, well have you checked that they’re in season? I don’t know either, I’m not a florist. Luckily I know a great floral designer who can give us a little insight into some of the flower choices available if you’re planning a summer wedding.


Summer Wedding Flowers 2


Ivy Sherwood – Wild About Flowers

Summer is the time of year to be spoilt for choice with flowers. Many varieties are available and a colour palette showcases almost all shades. If you are getting married in the summer use the year before (if time allows) to discover what flower choices will be available for you to indulge into and enjoy.



Hydrangeas are in full bloom during the summer months and available in almost every colour. A popular choice as a wedding flower their large mop heads offer a full and bloused look in floral designs, filling a lot of space with a minimal look. This seasons trend features a soft powder blue hydrangea creating a statement and colour choice not available in many other flowers.



Although roses are available at almost any time of year, it is during the summer months the largest selection become available. David Austin roses are very well known and hugely popular for their distinctive scent which thrives in the summer air. Simple and elegant by themselves or featured with spray roses and natural grasses, garden roses make the perfect accessory in any summer wedding.



Popular with a country style wedding, stocks will offer a garden feel, filling the room with a sweet scent. They can be effectively arranged using a colour block as during the summer months they become available in striking colours; particularly in shades of purple. For a timeless design as a centre piece look at using stocks arranged in large urns.



If peonies are your ultimate wedding flower, you have to be marrying in the summer months. June is when it can be its strongest for scent, colour and texture, although it can become available in early May also. I love complimenting this flower in early summer with beautiful large headed Ranuncleus.


If you want to find out more about your wedding flowers, what’s in bloom or what’s in fashion don’t ask us, ask Ivy – Wild About Flowers.